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Spring Cleaning no longer has a circled date on most calendars in todays society. With work, after school activities, and the long list of daily demands we face, devoting an entire weekend to tackling the hard jobs becomes more and more of a challenge. Its hard enough to keep up with everyday chores. I myself have trouble taking on the attic and garage. Having a demanding schedule and two little ones, I struggle like everyone else.

As a cleaning fanatic, I am always searching for ways to make my business in and out of the home easier. Last weekend I developed a fool proof system to short cut the ideal and unrealistic spring cleaning regiment.

Looking at the larger picture, I narrowed down the idea behind spring cleaning. What is the most important thing we concentrate on and what makes the biggest impact. Smells! We are working on eliminating odors. After all, freshness is the difference between a clean or dirty home. No matter how much we scrub, if we smell the slightest hint of stink, we think we have worked in vain.

Every home has different odor makers. I couldn’t break it down for every person who lives near a dairy farm or has three ferrets living in the dining room, but I can cover the ones most of us have in common.

The top PU! makers are…
1. Refrigerator
2. Garbage Disposal
3. Trash Cans
4. Toilets (especially toilet bases)
5. Toilet Rugs and Bath Mats

Nothing can create odors more than a refrigerator. Mold and spilled food can be both hard to smell and hard to clean. Removing all food past the expiration date and wiping down shelves can make a world of difference. Vegetable drawers especially where onions are stored should be washed with soap and warm water. Organize your food! Seeing what you have in there helps when trying to prevent future smells. I recommend using a natural soap or warm water mixed with two table spoons of white vinegar. That’s all you need! Keep in mind harsh cleaners should never be used around your food. If ingesting it requires calling poison control, it has no business being next to the fruit and veggies. Keep a plate in the fridge for things like raw chicken. This keeps the bacteria off of your shelves and its easier to wash a plate than the whole refrigerator shelf which most people rarely do. Keep all raw meat stored on bottom shelf.

The microwave is small but able to create big smells. Food is food and it can collect bacteria if given the chance. The easiest way to clean a microwave is a microwave safe bowl filled with water and 3/4 white vinegar. Put the bowl in the microwave, hit five minuets, and go finish the fridge. Let the water cool and wipe it down with a dry rag. The steam from the mixture loosens up the stuck on food and eliminates odor.

Disposals are huge bacteria breeding grounds. Germs cling to the blades and especially the rubber flap. Use the same vinegar mixture to clean under the rubber flap. Take one lemon and slice it into four round pieces. Turn on the disposal and drop one in at a time. Allow each one to be cleared before adding another. Citric acid is one of the best cleaning agents. Cleans and deodorizes.

Trash Cans harbor all types of germs and bacteria. Take them outside and use water and vingar to clean. Allow the vinegar mixture to sit for atleast an hour. Be sure the trash can is completely dry and add new liner. Use a few drops of esential oil in each new bag to ward off future smells.

Toilets are the most obvious odor creator. However the bowl its self isn’t the problem. Usually its lurking beneath your toilet bowl. Clean the base thoroughly and the floor surrounding the base. You would be shocked to know how much bacteria is sitting on the base boards beside the toilet. Those with young men in the home are strongly encouraged to do this atleast once a month.

Just like the toilet, many odor causing germs make their way to the bath mats. Throw them in the wash on delicate and hang them up to air dry.

There you have it folks! The key to a fresh home! You may not have tacked the attic, but nobody will ever know:) good luck!


As the owner of the best cleaning company in the Carolinas, I tackle a laundry list of challenges daily. Finding ways to keep my clients and employees happy can be exhausting. I will dish the dirt and clean it up all at the same time. No sweeping it under the rug here. I am the queen of clean and I am letting some of my secrets out because after all I would love to help all of you find the domestic diva within. Enjoy!